We don't release the things until they struck upon us. Similarly, I used to think depression, anxiety attacks and panic attacks are head made things of people who are under pressure. Yes, once they are in head, they start controlling your emotions, body and mind. Direction of life is moved as distraction of life. And it happened.

Few symptoms, if you release you are moving from panic to panic attack:

  1. Losing concentration in everything you do. Doing task A and only thinking about task B. …

“A picture is worth a thousand words”

‘Draw and tell’ is a great way to showcase and brainstorm the idea while talking to the business. Business Process Modeling(BPM) is a technique of capturing the business processes and establishing the relation between those processes. To implement BPM, we use Business Process Modeling Notation(BPMN) which is a graphical representation specifying business processes. Although there are numerous pictorial representations used in BPM, here we would stick to five main diagrams to start an idea at a high level and take it further to a granular level marking the flow of each transaction.

  1. Context…

Rome is not built in a day, nor a Product. Every single product we use, carries multiple cycles, process, tweaks, and patches. From idea to not-a-good-idea, each end carries a cycle called the product development life cycle. PDLC is not SDLC but SDLC finds its portion in PDLC.

Let’s first look at the four stages of Product i.e. Introduction, Growth, Maturity, and Decline.

An introduction is a time when the product is ideated, brainstormed, and conceived. As said by Steve Jobs “People think focus means saying yes to the thing you’ve got to focus on. But that’s not what it…

Whenever a Business Analyst is presented with set of asks, they are required to convert those asks in requirements. This conversion cannot all together go on gut-feelings but on observations, facts and data. Data is all around : Excels, Reports, operations and more, with help of surveys, polls and interviews. Any Product conceived by business is raised by its users. In order to bring out the results of product how it is maturing with its users, data Analytics play crucial role to know the trends and patterns in its users. …

CyberSecurity : Malware and its Types

Malware is any software, program or bug left in the system to do malicious activities in the system without user permission. Malware are generally introduced in the systems by an email, attachments or files left in the system without user’s knowledge. Although there are many types of malware, this article is subjected to basic forms of malware.

  1. Virus: Virus is a program written to damage/alter files and data. Viruses can enter to computer as an attachment of images, exe, or audio / video files. They can be attached to free downloads of commercial software…


I am aspiring to be salt in a recipe of Product. Currently working as a Product Manager, aspires to be an entrepreneur. Talk to me on any topic.

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